Class OrganizationImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, io.jenkins.blueocean.Routable

    public class OrganizationImpl
    BlueOrganization implementation for the embedded use.
    Vivek Pandey, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        In embedded mode, there's only one organization
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        getName in class
      • getGroup

        public ModifiableTopLevelItemGroup getGroup()
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        getGroup in class
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
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        getDisplayName in class
      • getPipelines

        public getPipelines()
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        getPipelines in class
      • delete

        public void delete()
      • getUsers

        public getUsers()
        In the embedded case, there's only one organization and everyone belongs there, so we can just return that singleton.
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        getUsers in class
      • getUser

        public getUser()
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        getUser in class
      • getLink

        public getLink()
      • getDynamic

        public Object getDynamic​(String route)
        Give plugins chance to handle this API route.
        route - URL path that needs handling. e.g. for requested url /rest/organizations/:id/xyz, route param value will be 'xyz'
        stapler object that can handle give route. Could be null