Class BitbucketServerApi.BitbucketServerApiFactory

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      • BitbucketServerApiFactory

        public BitbucketServerApiFactory()
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      • handles

        public boolean handles​(@NonNull
                               String scmId)
        Specified by:
        handles in class BitbucketApiFactory
        true if this factory can handle this scmId
      • create

        public BitbucketApi create​(@NonNull
                                   String apiUrl,
                                   com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.common.StandardUsernamePasswordCredentials credentials)
        Description copied from class: BitbucketApiFactory
        Create BitbucketApi instance. Before calling this method, clients must ensure BitbucketApiFactory.handles(String) is called first and returned true
        Specified by:
        create in class BitbucketApiFactory
        apiUrl - API url (host url) of bitbucket server or cloud. e.g.
        credentials - StandardUsernamePasswordCredentials
        BitbucketApi instance