Class AzureAdAuthorizationMatrixNodeProperty

    • Constructor Detail

      • AzureAdAuthorizationMatrixNodeProperty

        public AzureAdAuthorizationMatrixNodeProperty()
    • Method Detail

      • hasExplicitPermission

        public boolean hasExplicitPermission​(PermissionEntry entry,
                                             Permission p)
        Description copied from interface: AuthorizationContainer
        Return true if and only if the exact permission entry is explicitly granted the specified permission, ignoring compatible types (e.g. passing USER will not match an EITHER entry) and implications.
        entry - the entry to check for
        p - the permission to check for
        true if and only if the exact entry matches
      • hasPermission

        public boolean hasPermission​(String sid,
                                     Permission p,
                                     boolean principal)
        Description copied from interface: AuthorizationContainer
        Checks if the given SID has the given permission.