Class LastGrantedAuthoritiesProperty.DescriptorImpl

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      • DescriptorImpl

        public DescriptorImpl()
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      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
        Description copied from class: UserPropertyDescriptor
        Whether or not the described property is enabled in the current context. Defaults to true. Over-ride in sub-classes as required.

        Returning false from this method essentially has the same effect of making Hudson behaves as if this UserPropertyDescriptor is not a part of UserProperty.all().

        This mechanism is useful if the availability of the property is contingent of some other settings.

        isEnabled in class UserPropertyDescriptor
      • newInstance

        public UserProperty newInstance​(User user)
        Description copied from class: UserPropertyDescriptor
        Creates a default instance of UserProperty to be associated with User object that wasn't created from a persisted XML data.

        See User class javadoc for more details about the life cycle of User and when this method is invoked.

        Specified by:
        newInstance in class UserPropertyDescriptor
        null if the implementation choose not to add any property object for such user.