Interface QueueItem

    • Method Detail

      • isStuck

        boolean isStuck()
        true if the item is starving for an executor for too long.
      • hasCancelPermission

        default boolean hasCancelPermission()
        Checks whether a scheduled item may be canceled.
        by default, the same as Queue.Task.hasAbortPermission()
      • getId

        long getId()
        Unique ID (per controller) that tracks the Queue.Task as it moves through different stages in the queue (each represented by different implementations of QueueItem and into any subsequent Run instance (see Run.getQueueId()).
      • getCausesDescription

        String getCausesDescription()
        Convenience method that returns a read only view of the Causes associated with this item in the queue as a single string.
      • getWhy

        String getWhy()
        Gets a human-readable status message describing why it's in the queue. May return null if there is no cause of blockage.
      • getParams

        String getParams()
        Gets a human-readable message about the parameters of this item
      • getInQueueForString

        String getInQueueForString()
        Returns a human readable presentation of how long this item is already in the queue. E.g. something like '3 minutes 40 seconds'