Package jenkins.model

Class JenkinsLocationConfiguration

    • Field Detail


        public static boolean DISABLE_URL_VALIDATION
        If disabled, the application will no longer check for URL validity in the configuration page. This will lead to an instance vulnerable to SECURITY-1471.
        2.176.4 / 2.197
      • ORDINAL

        public static final int ORDINAL
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JenkinsLocationConfiguration

        public JenkinsLocationConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • getOrDie

        public static JenkinsLocationConfiguration getOrDie()
        Gets local configuration. For explanation when it could die, see get()
      • load

        public void load()
        Description copied from class: Descriptor
        Loads the data from the disk into this object.

        The constructor of the derived class must call this method. (If we do that in the base class, the derived class won't get a chance to set default values.)

        Specified by:
        load in interface Loadable
        Specified by:
        load in interface PersistentDescriptor
        load in class Descriptor<GlobalConfiguration>
      • getAdminAddress

        public String getAdminAddress()
        Gets the service administrator e-mail address.
        Admin address or "address not configured" stub
      • setAdminAddress

        public void setAdminAddress​(@CheckForNull
                                    String adminAddress)
        Sets the e-mail address of Jenkins administrator.
        adminAddress - Admin address. Use null to reset the value to default.
      • getUrl

        public String getUrl()
      • setUrl

        public void setUrl​(@CheckForNull
                           String jenkinsUrl)
      • doCheckUrl

        public FormValidation doCheckUrl​(@QueryParameter
                                         String value)
        Checks the URL in global.jelly