Class Widget

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    BuildQueueWidget, ExecutorsWidget, HistoryWidget

    public abstract class Widget
    extends Object
    Box to be rendered in the side panel.


    • index.jelly should display the widget. It should have: <l:pane width="2" title="…"> …body… </l:pane> structure. In this view, "it" points to the Widget and "view" points to View that's rendering the widget.
    TODO: - make Widget describable and provide the UI to let admin configure widgets? - backward compatibility implications?
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Widget

        public Widget()
    • Method Detail

      • getUrlName

        public String getUrlName()
        Gets the URL path name.

        For example, if this method returns "xyz", and if the parent object (that this widget is associated with) is bound to /foo/bar/zot, then this widget object will be exposed to /foo/bar/zot/widget/xyz.

        This method is useful when the widget needs to expose additional URLs, for example for serving AJAX requests.

        This method should return a string that's unique among other Widgets. The default implementation returns the unqualified class name.

      • getOwnerUrl

        protected String getOwnerUrl()
        The URL of the owner of this widget relative to context path. Always ends with a trailing slash. Can be null for backward compatibility with widgets annotated with @Extension.
      • getUrl

        public String getUrl()
        the URL relative to the context path. Always ends with a trailing '/'.