Package hudson.tasks

Class Notifier

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Describable<Publisher>, BuildStep

public abstract class Notifier extends Publisher implements ExtensionPoint
BuildSteps that run after the build is completed.

Notifier is a kind of Publisher that sends out the outcome of the builds to other systems and humans. This marking ensures that notifiers are run after the build result is set to its final value by other Recorders. To run even after the build is marked as complete, override Publisher.needsToRunAfterFinalized() to return true.

To register a custom Publisher from a plugin, put Extension on your descriptor.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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  • Constructor Details

    • Notifier

      protected Notifier()
  • Method Details

    • getDescriptor

      public BuildStepDescriptor getDescriptor()
      Description copied from interface: Describable
      Gets the descriptor for this instance.

      Descriptor is a singleton for every concrete Describable implementation, so if a.getClass() == b.getClass() then by default a.getDescriptor() == b.getDescriptor() as well. (In rare cases a single implementation class may be used for instances with distinct descriptors.)

      Specified by:
      getDescriptor in interface Describable<Publisher>
      getDescriptor in class Publisher