Package hudson.model

Class StockStatusIcon

    • Constructor Detail

      • StockStatusIcon

        public StockStatusIcon​(String image,
                               org.jvnet.localizer.Localizable description)
        image - Short file name like "folder.gif" that points to a stock icon in Hudson.
        description - Used as getDescription().
    • Method Detail

      • getImageOf

        public String getImageOf​(String size)
        Description copied from interface: StatusIcon
        Returns the URL to the image.
        size - The size specified. Must support "16x16", "24x24", and "32x32" at least. For forward compatibility, if you receive a size that's not supported, consider returning your biggest icon (and let the browser rescale.)
        The URL is rendered as is in the img @src attribute, so it must contain the context path, etc.
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Description copied from interface: StatusIcon
        Gets the human-readable description used as img/@alt.