Package hudson.model

Class LoadStatistics

Direct Known Subclasses:
OverallLoadStatistics, UnlabeledLoadStatistics

@ExportedBean public abstract class LoadStatistics extends Object
Utilization statistics for a node or a set of nodes.

Implementation Note

Instances of this class is not capable of updating the statistics itself — instead, it's done by the LoadStatistics.LoadStatisticsUpdater timer. This is more efficient (as it allows us a single pass to update all stats), but it's not clear to me if the loss of autonomy is worth it.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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  • Field Details

    • definedExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries definedExecutors
      Number of executors defined for Jenkins and how it changes over time.
    • onlineExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries onlineExecutors
      Number of executors on-line and how it changes over time. Replaces totalExecutors
    • connectingExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries connectingExecutors
      Number of executors in the process of coming on-line and how it changes over time.
    • busyExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries busyExecutors
      Number of busy executors and how it changes over time.
    • idleExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries idleExecutors
      Number of executors not executing and how it changes over time. Note the these executors may not be able to take work, see availableExecutors.
    • availableExecutors

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries availableExecutors
      Number of executors not executing and available to take work and how it changes over time.
    • totalExecutors

      @Exported @Deprecated public final MultiStageTimeSeries totalExecutors
      use onlineExecutors. Note totalExecutors==onlineExecutors for backward compatibility support.
      Number of total executors and how it changes over time.
    • queueLength

      @Exported public final MultiStageTimeSeries queueLength
      Number of Queue.BuildableItems that can run on any node in this node set but blocked.
    • DECAY

      public static final float DECAY
      With 0.90 decay ratio for every 10sec, half reduction is about 1 min. Put differently, the half reduction time is CLOCK*log(0.5)/log(DECAY)
    • CLOCK

      public static int CLOCK
      Load statistics clock cycle in milliseconds. Specify a small value for quickly debugging this feature and node provisioning through cloud.
  • Constructor Details

    • LoadStatistics

      protected LoadStatistics(int initialOnlineExecutors, int initialBusyExecutors)
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