Package hudson.model

Class AllView

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        public static final String DEFAULT_VIEW_NAME
        The name of the default AllView. An AllView with this name will get a localized display name. Other AllView instances will be assumed to have been created by the user and thus will use the name the user created them with.
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      • AllView

        public AllView​(String name)
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      • isEditable

        public boolean isEditable()
        Description copied from class: View
        By default, return true to render the "Edit view" link on the page. This method is really just for the default "All" view to hide the edit link so that the default Hudson top page remains the same as before 1.316.
        isEditable in class View
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(TopLevelItem item)
        Description copied from class: View
        Checks if the job is in this collection.
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        contains in class View
      • getItems

        public Collection<TopLevelItem> getItems()
        Description copied from class: View
        Gets all the items in this collection in a read-only view.
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        getItems in class View
      • getPostConstructLandingPage

        public String getPostConstructLandingPage()
        Description copied from class: View
        Returns the page to redirect the user to, after the view is created. The returned string is appended to "/view/foobar/", so for example to direct the user to the top page of the view, return "", etc.
        getPostConstructLandingPage in class View
      • migrateLegacyPrimaryAllViewLocalizedName

        public static String migrateLegacyPrimaryAllViewLocalizedName​(@NonNull
                                                                      List<View> views,
                                                                      String primaryView)
        Corrects the name of the AllView if and only if the AllView is the primary view and its name is one of the localized forms of Messages._Hudson_ViewName() and the user has not opted out of fixing the view name by setting the system property hudson.mode.AllView.JENKINS-38606 to false. Use this method to round-trip the primary view name, e.g. primaryView = migrateLegacyPrimaryAllViewLocalizedName(views, primaryView)

        NOTE: we can only fix the localized name of an AllView if it is the primary view as otherwise urls would change, whereas the primary view is special and does not normally get accessed by the /view/_name_ url. (Also note that there are some cases where the primary view will get accessed by its /view/_name_ url which will then fall back to the primary view)

        views - the list of views.
        primaryView - the current primary view name.
        the primary view name - this will be the same as the provided primary view name unless a JENKINS-38606 matching name is detected, in which case this will be the new name of the primary view.