Package hudson

Class PluginManager.PluginUpdateMonitor

    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginUpdateMonitor

        public PluginUpdateMonitor()
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static PluginManager.PluginUpdateMonitor getInstance()
        Convenience method to ease access to this monitor, this allows other plugins to register required updates.
        this monitor.
      • ifPluginOlderThenReport

        public void ifPluginOlderThenReport​(String pluginName,
                                            String requiredVersion,
                                            String message)
        Report to the administrator if the plugin with the given name is older then the required version.
        pluginName - shortName of the plugin (artifactId)
        requiredVersion - the lowest version which is OK (e.g. 2.2.2)
        message - the message to show (plain text)
      • isActivated

        public boolean isActivated()
        Description copied from class: AdministrativeMonitor
        Returns true if this monitor is activated and wants to produce a warning message.

        This method is called from the HTML rendering thread, so it should run efficiently.

        Specified by:
        isActivated in class AdministrativeMonitor
      • addPluginToUpdate

        public void addPluginToUpdate​(String pluginName,
                                      String message)
        adds a message about a plugin to the manage screen
        pluginName - the plugins name
        message - the message to be displayed