Class Login

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public class Login extends PageObject
Page object for login page.
Michael Prankl
  • Constructor Details

    • Login

      public Login(Jenkins jenkins)
  • Method Details

    • doLogin

      public Login doLogin(String user, String password)
      Login assuming "path" form element availability.
      Paths are usually available when using the default Jenkins controller.
      (Available thanks to pre-installed form-element-path plugin.)
    • doLoginDespiteNoPaths

      @Deprecated public Login doLoginDespiteNoPaths(String user, String password)
      use doLogin(String, String) instead. It doesn't require form-element-path.
    • doLogin

      public Login doLogin(String user)
      Login for a common case where the user name and the password are the same
    • doLogin

      public Login doLogin(User user)
    • doSuccessfulLogin

      public Login doSuccessfulLogin(String user, String password)
    • doSuccessfulLogin

      public Login doSuccessfulLogin(String user)
    • doSuccessfulLogin

      public Login doSuccessfulLogin(User user)
    • doFailedLogin

      public Login doFailedLogin(String user, String password)
    • doFailedLogin

      public Login doFailedLogin(String user)
    • doFailedLogin

      public Login doFailedLogin(User user)