Class MailStep

    • Field Detail

      • subject

        public final String subject
      • body

        public final String body
      • from

        public String from
      • to

        public String to
      • cc

        public String cc
      • bcc

        public String bcc
      • replyTo

        public String replyTo
    • Constructor Detail

      • MailStep

        public MailStep​(@NonNull
                        String subject,
                        String body)
    • Method Detail

      • setCharset

        public void setCharset​(String charset)
      • getCharset

        public String getCharset()
      • setMimeType

        public void setMimeType​(String mimeType)
      • getMimeType

        public String getMimeType()
      • start

        public org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.StepExecution start​(org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.StepContext context)
                                                                 throws Exception
        Specified by:
        start in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.Step