Class NodeStepNamePredicate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:<FlowNode>, Predicate<FlowNode>

    public final class NodeStepNamePredicate
    extends Object
    Predicate that matches FlowNodes (specifically StepNodes) with a specific StepDescriptor name. May be used in preference to NodeStepTypePredicate in cases whern dependency structures prevent import of the actual descriptor class (I.E. when writing code in the workflow-api plugin that looks for step types in workflow-cps).
    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeStepNamePredicate

        public NodeStepNamePredicate​(@NonNull
                                     String descriptorId)
    • Method Detail

      • getDescriptorId

        public String getDescriptorId()
      • apply

        public boolean apply​(@Nullable
                             FlowNode input)
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        apply in interface<FlowNode>