Class DepthFirstScanner

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<FlowNode>, Iterator<FlowNode>, Filterator<FlowNode>

@NotThreadSafe public class DepthFirstScanner extends AbstractFlowScanner
Does a simple and somewhat efficient depth-first search of all FlowNodes in the DAG.

Iteration order: depth-first search, revisiting parallel branches once done.

The behavior is analogous to FlowGraphWalker but faster. With parallel branches, the first branch is explored, then remaining branches are explored in order. This keeps ordering compatibility with FlowGraphWalker - it can be a drop-in replacement.

Sam Van Oort
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    • DepthFirstScanner

      public DepthFirstScanner()
  • Method Details

    • reset

      protected void reset()
      Description copied from class: AbstractFlowScanner
      Reset internal state so that we can begin walking a new flow graph Public APIs need to invoke this before searches
      Specified by:
      reset in class AbstractFlowScanner
    • setHeads

      protected void setHeads(@NonNull Collection<FlowNode> heads)
      Description copied from class: AbstractFlowScanner
      Set up to begin flow scanning using the filteredHeads as starting points This method makes several assumptions: - AbstractFlowScanner.reset() has already been invoked to reset state - filteredHeads has already had any points in AbstractFlowScanner.myBlackList removed - none of the filteredHeads are null
      Specified by:
      setHeads in class AbstractFlowScanner
      heads - Head nodes that have been filtered against denyList
    • possibleParallelStart

      protected boolean possibleParallelStart(FlowNode f)
    • testCandidate

      protected boolean testCandidate(FlowNode f, Collection<FlowNode> blackList)
    • next

      protected FlowNode next(@NonNull FlowNode current, @NonNull Collection<FlowNode> blackList)
      Description copied from class: AbstractFlowScanner
      Actual meat of the iteration, get the next node to visit, using and updating state as needed
      Specified by:
      next in class AbstractFlowScanner
      current - Current node to use in generating next value
      blackList - Nodes that are not eligible for visiting
      Next node to visit, or null if we've exhausted the node list