Interface StashManager.StashAwareArtifactManager

Enclosing class:

public static interface StashManager.StashAwareArtifactManager
Mixin interface for an ArtifactManager which supports specialized stash behavior as well.

When implementing off-Jenkins artifact storage, you should NOT extend this directly but instead use the JCloudsArtifactManager in the plugin currently named artifact-manager-s3. This is dangerous to directly extend if using remote storage unless you write a very robust handling of network failures including at least a base timeout and retries. The JCloudsArtifactManager implementation supports extensibility to various cloud providers and custom stores via the BlobStoreProvider ExtensionPoint. It handles all aspects of making cloud artifact storage work smoothly in Jenkins including the VirtualFile implementation, robust network error handling, overall configuration UI, and more. Implement this interface directly at your own risk.

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