Class ConsoleDetail

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    public class ConsoleDetail
    extends Object
    implements ModelObject
    Renders a section of the console log.
    Ullrich Hafner
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConsoleDetail

        public ConsoleDetail​(Run<?,​?> owner,
                             Stream<String> consoleLog,
                             int from,
                             int to)
        Creates a new instance of this console log viewer object.
        owner - the current build as owner of this view
        consoleLog - the lines of the console log
        from - first line in the console log
        to - last line in the console log
    • Method Detail

      • getOwner

        public Run<?,​?> getOwner()
        Returns the build as owner of this view.
        the build
      • getSourceCode

        public String getSourceCode()
        Returns the line that should be highlighted.
        the line to highlight