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AbstractTapProjectAction - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
Base class for TAP Project action.
AbstractTapProjectAction(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
AbstractTapProjectAction(Job<?, ?>) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
add(TapProjectAction.Result) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result


Constants - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.util
Constants() - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Constants
copyWithExtraTestSets(List<TestSetMap>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
createAggregator(MatrixBuild, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
createChart(StaplerRequest, CategoryDataset) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.GraphHelper
createDiagnosticTable(String, Map<String, Object>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
Called from TapResult/index.jelly
createDiagnosticTable(String, Map<String, Object>) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.DiagnosticUtil
createMethodChart(StaplerRequest, CategoryDataset, Map<ChartUtil.NumberOnlyBuildLabel, String>, String) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.GraphHelper
Creates the graph displayed on Method results page to compare execution duration and status of a test method across builds.


DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher.DescriptorImpl
DiagnosticUtil - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.util
To be soon removed by something easier to maintain (return JSON to JS?).
DISPLAY_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
doDownloadAttachment(StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
doGraph(StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
Generates the graph that shows test pass/fail ratio.
doGraphMap(StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
doIndex(StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction


escapeHTML(String) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult


findCorrespondingResult(String) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
findCorrespondingResult(String) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult


getBailOuts() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getBuild() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getBuildActionClass() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
getBuildHealth() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getCause() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.ParseErrorTestSetMap
getChildren() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getContent() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
getDiscardOldReports() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher.DescriptorImpl
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getDuration() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getDuration() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getDuration() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getDynamic(String, StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getEnableSubtests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getEnableSubtests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getFailCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getFailCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getFailed() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getFailedTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getFailedTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getFailedTests2() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getFailedTestsMarkBuildAsFailure() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getFailIfNoResults() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getFileName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
getFileName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TestSetMap
getFileType() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
getFlattenTapResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getFlattenTheTap() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getFullName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getGraphHeight() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
Getter for property 'graphHeight'.
getGraphWidth() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
Getter for property 'graphWidth'.
getIconFileName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
getIconFileName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getIconFileName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getIncludeCommentDiagnostics() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getIncludeCommentDiagnostics() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getIncludeCommentDiagnostics() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getLastBuildAction() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
getName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getOutputTapToConsole() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getOutputTapToConsole() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getOwner() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getParent() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getParent() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getParseErrorTestSets() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getParserErrors() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getPassed() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getPlanRequired() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getPlanRequired() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getPreviousAction() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getPreviousResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getProject() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
getProjectAction(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getProjectActions() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getRelativePathFrom(TestObject) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getRemoveYamlIfCorrupted() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getRemoveYamlIfCorrupted() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getReportsDirectory(Run<?, ?>) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
Gets the directory where the plug-in saves its TAP streams before processing them and displaying in the UI.
getRequiredMonitorService() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getRun() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getRun() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getSafeName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getSearchUrl() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
getShowOnlyFailures() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getShowOnlyFailures() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getSize() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
getSkip() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getSkipCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getSkipCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getSkipIfBuildNotOk() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getSkipped() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getStatus() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getStripSingleParents() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getStripSingleParents() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getTapResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getTapResult() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getTarget() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getTarget() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getTestResults() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getTestSet() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TestSetMap
getTestSets() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getTitle() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getTodo() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
getToDo() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getToDoCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getTodoIsFailure() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getTodoIsFailure() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getTodoIsFailure() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getTotal() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getTotalCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
getTotalCount() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getUrlName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
getUrlName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
getUrlName() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
getValidateNumberOfTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getValidateNumberOfTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
getValidateNumberOfTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
getVerbose() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
getVerbose() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
GraphHelper - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.util
Helper class for trend graph generation.


hasChildren() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
hasFailedTests() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
hasParseErrors() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
hasParserErrors() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser


ICON_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
ICON_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
isApplicable(Class<? extends AbstractProject>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher.DescriptorImpl
isBailOut(Object) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
isComment(Object) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
isEmptyTestSet() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
isFailure(TestResult, Boolean) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Util
isGraphActive() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
Returns true if there is a graph to plot.
isSkipped(TestResult) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Util
isTestResult(Object) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
isTodo(TestResult) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Util


job - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction


merge(TapResult) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
mergeResult(TapResult) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction


normalizeFolders(String, String) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Util
Normalizes a folder path in relation to the workspace path.
numFailed - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result
numPassed - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result
numSkipped - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result
numToDo - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result


onAttached(Run<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
onLoad(Run<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
org.tap4j.plugin - package org.tap4j.plugin
org.tap4j.plugin.model - package org.tap4j.plugin.model
org.tap4j.plugin.util - package org.tap4j.plugin.util
owner - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction


parse(FilePath[], Run<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
ParseErrorTestSetMap - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.model
A test set map that failed to parse.
ParseErrorTestSetMap(String, Throwable) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.ParseErrorTestSetMap
perform(Run<?, ?>, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
populateDataSetBuilder(DataSetBuilder<String, ChartUtil.NumberOnlyBuildLabel>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
project - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction


readResolve() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
To prevent serialization issues after fields have been added or removed.
redirectWhenGraphUnsupported(StaplerResponse, StaplerRequest) - Static method in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.GraphHelper
Result() - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction.Result
run - Variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction


setOwner(Run<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
setShowOnlyFailures(Boolean) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
summarizeBuild(Run<?, ?>) - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction


tally() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
TAP_DIR_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.util.Constants
TapAttachment - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.model
TapAttachment(byte[], Map<String, Object>) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
TapAttachment(String, byte[], int, String) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapAttachment
TapBuildAction - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
TAP Build action with TAP results.
TapBuildAction(Run<?, ?>, TapResult) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
TapParser - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
Executes remote TAP Stream retrieval and execution.
TapParser(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, PrintStream) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapParser
TapProjectAction - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
A TAP Project action, with a graph and a list of builds.
TapProjectAction(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
TapProjectAction(Job<?, ?>) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapProjectAction
TapProjectAction.Result - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
TapPublisher - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
Publishes TAP results in Jenkins builds.
TapPublisher(String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapPublisher
TapPublisher.DescriptorImpl - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
TapResult - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
TapResult(String, Run<?, ?>, List<TestSetMap>, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapResult
TapStreamResult - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.model
A tabulated TAP Stream result.
TapStreamResult(Run<?, ?>, TapResult) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapStreamResult
TapTestResultAction - Class in org.tap4j.plugin
TapTestResultAction(Run<?, ?>, TapResult) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.TapTestResultAction
TapTestResultResult - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.model
TapTestResultResult(Run<?, ?>, TestSetMap, TestResult, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult
TestSetMap - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.model
A map for TestSet with the file name, as there is no file name in the original TestSet class.
TestSetMap(String, TestSet) - Constructor for class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TestSetMap
toString() - Method in class org.tap4j.plugin.model.TapTestResultResult


URL_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.AbstractTapProjectAction
URL_NAME - Static variable in class org.tap4j.plugin.TapBuildAction
Util - Class in org.tap4j.plugin.util
Utility methods used by tap-plugin.
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