Class PrefilteredContent

Direct Known Subclasses:
FileContent, LogRecordContent, PrefilteredPrintedContent, StringContent

public abstract class PrefilteredContent extends Content
Represents some content in a support bundle which will be filtered previously to the zip created.
  • Constructor Details

    • PrefilteredContent

      protected PrefilteredContent(String name)
    • PrefilteredContent

      protected PrefilteredContent(String name, String... filterableParameters)
  • Method Details

    • writeTo

      public abstract void writeTo(OutputStream os, @NonNull ContentFilter filter) throws IOException
      Write the component in the bundle filtering the content
      os - OutputStream where write the content
      filter - ContentFilter to apply
      IOException - If an input or output exception occurs
    • shouldBeFiltered

      public final boolean shouldBeFiltered()
      Description copied from class: Content
      Indicates if this Content should be filtered when anonymization is enabled. When true, the contents written via Content.writeTo(OutputStream) may be filtered by a ContentFilter. When false, the contents are written without any filtering applied.
      shouldBeFiltered in class Content