Class SafeParametersAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • SafeParametersAction

        public SafeParametersAction​(@Nonnull
                                    List<ParameterValue> parameters)
        At this point the list of parameter values is guaranteed to be safe, which is parameter defined either at top level or release wrapper level.
        parameters - Parameters to be passed. All of them will be considered as safe
    • Method Detail

      • getParameters

        public List<ParameterValue> getParameters()
        Returns all parameters allowed by the job (defined as regular job parameters) and the parameters allowed by release-specific parameters definition.
        getParameters in class ParametersAction
      • getParameter

        public ParameterValue getParameter​(String name)
        Returns the parameter if defined as a regular parameters or it is a release-specific parameter defined by the release wrapper.
        getParameter in class ParametersAction