Class DiskUsageMonitoringInitializer

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      • quickDiskUsagePlugin

        protected com.cloudbees.simplediskusage.QuickDiskUsagePlugin quickDiskUsagePlugin
        Don't inject the `quickDiskUsagePlugin` using @Inject because the injected instance is not the right once. Lazy load it using Jenkins.getPlugin(Class).
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      • DiskUsageMonitoringInitializer

        public DiskUsageMonitoringInitializer()
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      • afterSdkInitialized

        public void afterSdkInitialized​(io.opentelemetry.api.metrics.Meter meter,
                                        io.opentelemetry.api.logs.LoggerProvider loggerProvider,
                                        io.opentelemetry.api.trace.Tracer tracer,
                                        io.opentelemetry.sdk.autoconfigure.spi.ConfigProperties configProperties)
        Description copied from interface: OtelComponent
        Invoked soon after the Otel SDK has been initialized. Created AutoCloseable metering instruments don't have to be closed by Otel components, the OpenTelemetry plugin takes care of this (eg ObservableLongUpDownCounter, ObservableLongCounter...)
        Specified by:
        afterSdkInitialized in interface OtelComponent
        meter - Meter of the newly initialized Otel SDK
        loggerProvider - Logger of the newly initialized Otel SDK
        tracer - Tracer of the newly initialized Otel SDK
        configProperties - ConfigProperties of the newly initialized Otel SDK