Class NucleiBuilder.DescriptorImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • DescriptorImpl

        public DescriptorImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • doCheckTargetUrl

        public FormValidation doCheckTargetUrl​(@QueryParameter
                                               String targetUrl,
                                               String additionalFlags,
                                               String reportingConfiguration,
                                               String nucleiVersion)
        This method is called by Jenkins to validate the input fields before saving the job's configuration. The name of the method must start with doCheck followed by the name of one of the fields declared in the config.jelly, using standard Java naming conventions and must return FormValidation. The fields intended for validation must match the name of the fields within config.jelly and has to be annotated with QueryParameter.
        targetUrl - The URL of the desired application to be tested (mandatory)
        additionalFlags - Additional CLI arguments (e.g. -v -debug)
        reportingConfiguration - Issue tracker configuration (e.g. Jira/GitHub)
        FormValidation.ok() or FormValidation.error(java.lang.String) in case of a validation error.
      • doFillNucleiVersionItems

        public ListBoxModel doFillNucleiVersionItems()
        Method called by Jenkins to populate the "Nuclei version" drop-down
        the Nuclei versions retrieved from the GitHub release page in a vX.Y.Z format