All Classes and Interfaces

Holder object for displaying information.
A filter to return only those directories of a file listing that represent deleted jobs history directories, the names of which contain DeletedFileFilter.DELETED_MARKER.
Defines some helper functions needed by JobConfigHistoryJobListener and JobConfigHistorySaveableListener.
Returns side-by-side (i.e.
Operations for historization of config files.
Holder for information about an altering operation saved to JobConfigHistoryConsts.HISTORY_FILE.
A filter to return only those directories of a file listing that represent configuration history directories.
Operations for historization of config files.
This class adds a badge to the build history marking builds that occurred after the configuration was changed.
Class supporting global configuration settings, along with methods associated with the plugin itself.
Extends project actions for all jobs.
Implements some basic methods needed by the JobConfigHistoryRootAction and JobConfigHistoryProjectAction.
Holder for constants.
Saves the job configuration if the job is created or renamed.
Saves the job configuration at SaveableListener.onChange(Saveable, XmlFile).
Controller class for adding new backends to the history plugin.
Lazy loader for HistoryDescr as preparation for paging.
Generated localization support class.
Avoids the need for having a real user initialized when all we need is the name and the id.
HistoryDao which returns all jobs, system configurations or deleted jobs.
Returns the parsed Date.
Comparator for ParsedDate, sort order depends on ParsedDate.parsedDate().
Helper class.
Implementors support periodic purging of history entries.
Holds information for the SideBySideView.
Holds information about a single line, which consists of the left and right information of the diff.
Simple representation of a diff element.