Class PathBasedPullRequestFilterTrait

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    public class PathBasedPullRequestFilterTrait
    extends jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceTrait
    A Discovery trait for GitHub that will only select pull requests that match a given regex
    • Field Detail

      • inclusionPattern

        public Pattern inclusionPattern
        The pattern compiled from supplied inclusion regex
      • exclusionPattern

        public Pattern exclusionPattern
        The pattern compiled from supplied exclusion regex
    • Constructor Detail

      • PathBasedPullRequestFilterTrait

        public PathBasedPullRequestFilterTrait​(String inclusionField,
                                               String exclusionField)
        Constructor for stapler.
        inclusionField - Path regex for which pull request files to include
        exclusionField - Path regex for which pull request files to exclude
    • Method Detail

      • getInclusionField

        public String getInclusionField()
      • getExclusionField

        public String getExclusionField()
      • decorateContext

        protected void decorateContext​(jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceContext<?,​?> context)
        decorateContext in class jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceTrait
      • includeCategory

        public boolean includeCategory​(@NonNull
                                       jenkins.scm.api.SCMHeadCategory category)
        includeCategory in class jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceTrait