Class PathRestriction

    • Constructor Detail

      • PathRestriction

        public PathRestriction​(String includedRegions,
                               String excludedRegions)
    • Method Detail

      • requiresWorkspaceForPolling

        public boolean requiresWorkspaceForPolling()
        requiresWorkspaceForPolling in class GitSCMExtension
        true when this extension has a requirement to get a workspace during polling, typically as it has to check for incoming changes, not just remote HEAD.
      • getIncludedRegions

        public String getIncludedRegions()
      • getExcludedRegions

        public String getExcludedRegions()
      • getExcludedRegionsNormalized

        public String[] getExcludedRegionsNormalized()
      • getIncludedRegionsNormalized

        public String[] getIncludedRegionsNormalized()
      • isRevExcluded

        public Boolean isRevExcluded​(GitSCM scm,
                                     org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.GitClient git,
                                     GitChangeSet commit,
                                     TaskListener listener,
                                     BuildData buildData)
        Description copied from class: GitSCMExtension
        Given a commit found during polling, check whether it should be disregarded.
        isRevExcluded in class GitSCMExtension
        scm - GitSCM object
        git - GitClient object
        commit - The commit whose exclusion is being tested.
        listener - build log
        buildData - build data to be used
        true to disregard this commit and not trigger a build, regardless of what later GitSCMExtensions say. false to trigger a build from this commit, regardless of what later GitSCMExtensions say. null to allow other GitSCMExtensions to decide.