Class GitStatus.JenkinsAbstractProjectListener

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      • JenkinsAbstractProjectListener

        public JenkinsAbstractProjectListener()
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      • onNotifyCommit

        public List<GitStatus.ResponseContributor> onNotifyCommit​(String origin,
                                                                  org.eclipse.jgit.transport.URIish uri,
                                                                  String sha1,
                                                                  List<ParameterValue> buildParameters,
                                                                  String... branches)
        Called when there is a change notification on a specific repository url.
        onNotifyCommit in class GitStatus.Listener
        origin - the origin of the notification (use SCMEvent.originOf(HttpServletRequest) if in doubt) or null if the origin is unknown.
        uri - the repository uri.
        sha1 - SHA1 hash of commit to build
        buildParameters - parameters to be passed to the build. Ignored unless build parameter flag is set due to security risk of accepting parameters from unauthenticated sources
        branches - the (optional) branch information.
        any response contributors for the response to the push request.