Class CliGitAPIImpl

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      • USE_SETSID

        public static final boolean USE_SETSID
        Constant which can block use of setsid in git calls for ssh credentialed operations. USE_SETSID=Boolean.valueOf(System.getProperty(CliGitAPIImpl.class.getName() + ".useSETSID", "false")). Allow ssh authenticated git calls on Unix variants to be preceded by setsid so that the git command is run without being associated with a terminal. Some docker runtime cases, and some automated test cases have shown that some versions of command line git or ssh will not allow automatic answers to private key passphrase prompts unless there is no controlling terminal associated with the process.
      • TIMEOUT

        public static final int TIMEOUT
        preventive Time-out for git command execution.

        We run git as an external process so can't guarantee it won't hang for whatever reason. Even though the plugin does its best to avoid git interactively asking for credentials, there are many of other cases where git may hang.

      • workspace

        protected final File workspace
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