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public class FileChanges extends Object implements Serializable
Wraps all changes made to one specific file.
Florian Orendi
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  • Konstruktordetails

    • FileChanges

      public FileChanges(String fileName, String oldFileName, String fileContent, FileEditType fileEditType, Map<ChangeEditType,Set<Change>> changes)
      Constructor for an instance which wraps all changes made to a specific file.
      fileName - The name of the file
      oldFileName - The old file name before the edit
      fileContent - The content of the file
      fileEditType - The change type how the file has been affected
      changes - The changes made to the file
  • Methodendetails

    • getFileName

      public String getFileName()
    • getOldFileName

      public String getOldFileName()
    • getFileContent

      public String getFileContent()
    • getFileEditType

      public FileEditType getFileEditType()
    • getChanges

      public Map<ChangeEditType,Set<Change>> getChanges()
    • getChangesByType

      public Set<Change> getChangesByType(ChangeEditType changeEditType)
      Returns information about changes of a specified type.
      changeEditType - The edit type
      Gibt zurück:
      the information about changes of the specified type
    • addChange

      public void addChange(Change change)
      Adds information about a change and stores it according to the type of edit.
      change - The change to be stored
    • getModifiedLines

      public Set<Integer> getModifiedLines()
      Returns all modified lines in this changed file.
      Gibt zurück:
      the modified line
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object o)
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    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
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