Class ExtraFieldUtils

  • @Restricted(org.kohsuke.accmod.restrictions.NoExternalUse.class)
    public class ExtraFieldUtils
    extends org.apache.commons.lang.reflect.FieldUtils
    Extends FieldUtils by adding some utility methods.
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      static Field getFieldNoForce​(Class cls, String fieldName)
      Gets an accessible Field by name without breaking scope.
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        getDeclaredField, getDeclaredField, getField, getField, readDeclaredField, readDeclaredField, readDeclaredStaticField, readDeclaredStaticField, readField, readField, readField, readField, readStaticField, readStaticField, readStaticField, readStaticField, writeDeclaredField, writeDeclaredField, writeDeclaredStaticField, writeDeclaredStaticField, writeField, writeField, writeField, writeField, writeStaticField, writeStaticField, writeStaticField, writeStaticField
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      • ExtraFieldUtils

        public ExtraFieldUtils()
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      • getFieldNoForce

        public static Field getFieldNoForce​(Class cls,
                                            String fieldName)
        Gets an accessible Field by name without breaking scope. Superclasses/interfaces will be considered. This is an equivalent of FieldUtils.getField(Class, String, boolean) from the commons lang library, but without Field.setAccessible(boolean) invocation.
        cls - the class to reflect, must not be null
        fieldName - the field name to obtain
        the Field object, it might be null
        IllegalArgumentException - if the class or field name is null