Class CollabNetSecurityRealm

    • Constructor Detail

      • CollabNetSecurityRealm

        public CollabNetSecurityRealm​(String collabNetUrl,
                                      boolean enableSSOAuthFromCTF,
                                      boolean enableSSOAuthToCTF)
    • Method Detail

      • getCollabNetUrl

        public String getCollabNetUrl()
      • getEnableSSOAuthFromCTF

        public boolean getEnableSSOAuthFromCTF()
        Single sign on preference governing making Jenkins read CTF's SSO token
        true to enable
      • getEnableSSOAuthToCTF

        public boolean getEnableSSOAuthToCTF()
        Single sign on preference governing making Jenkins login to CTF upon authenticating
        true to enable
      • getEnableSSORedirect

        public boolean getEnableSSORedirect()
        Whether after singole singon into CTF, we should automatically redirect back to Jenkins.
        true to enable