Interface BlueContainerItem

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BlueMultiBranchPipeline, BlueOrganizationFolder, BluePipelineFolder

    public interface BlueContainerItem
    Common interface for items in the pipeline "namespace" that aggregate or contain other pipeline items, such as team or organization folders, or the collection of pipelines that forms a BlueMultiBranchItem.

    These may or may not be also runnable, so we want to keep that facet in BlueRunnableItem and not here.

    • Method Detail

      • getDynamic

        BluePipeline getDynamic​(String name)
        Gets nested BluePipeline inside the BluePipelineFolder

        For example for: /pipelines/folder1/pipelines/folder2/pipelines/p1, call sequence will be:

        • getPipelines().get("folder1")
        • getPipelines().get(folder2)
        • getDynamics(p1)
        name - name of pipeline
        a BluePipeline
      • getNumberOfFolders

        Integer getNumberOfFolders()
        Number of folders in this folder
      • getNumberOfPipelines

        Integer getNumberOfPipelines()
        Number of pipelines in this folder. Pipeline is any buildable type.
      • getIcon

        BlueIcon getIcon()
      • getPipelineFolderNames

        Iterable<String> getPipelineFolderNames()
        Returns pipeline folder names present in this folder.