Class KinesisRecordProcessor

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    public class KinesisRecordProcessor
    extends Object
    Implements the ShardRecordProcessor interface to process data records fetched from Amazon Kinesis
    Fabio Ponciroli
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      • streamName

        public final String streamName
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      • initialize

        public void initialize​( initializationInput)
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        initialize in interface
      • processRecords

        public void processRecords​( processRecordsInput)
        Forward each byte record of ProcessRecordsInput to the AWSKinesisStreamListener interface
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        processRecords in interface
        processRecordsInput - ProcessRecordsInput to process
      • leaseLost

        public void leaseLost​( leaseLostInput)
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        leaseLost in interface
      • shardEnded

        public void shardEnded​( shardEndedInput)
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        shardEnded in interface
      • shutdownRequested

        public void shutdownRequested​( shutdownRequestedInput)
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        shutdownRequested in interface