Class AnsiblePlaybookStep

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExtensionPoint, Describable<org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.Step>

    public class AnsiblePlaybookStep
    extends org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.steps.AbstractStepImpl
    The Ansible playbook invocation step for the Jenkins workflow plugin.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnsiblePlaybookStep

        public AnsiblePlaybookStep​(String playbook)
    • Method Detail

      • setInventory

        public void setInventory​(String inventory)
      • setInventoryContent

        public void setInventoryContent​(String inventoryContent)
      • setDynamicInventory

        public void setDynamicInventory​(boolean dynamicInventory)
      • setCredentialsId

        public void setCredentialsId​(String credentialsId)
      • setVaultCredentialsId

        public void setVaultCredentialsId​(String vaultCredentialsId)
      • setVaultTmpPath

        public void setVaultTmpPath​(String vaultTmpPath)
      • setBecome

        public void setBecome​(boolean become)
      • setBecomeUser

        public void setBecomeUser​(String becomeUser)
      • setCheckMode

        public void setCheckMode​(boolean checkMode)
      • setSudo

        public void setSudo​(boolean sudo)
      • setSudoUser

        public void setSudoUser​(String sudoUser)
      • setInstallation

        public void setInstallation​(String installation)
      • setLimit

        public void setLimit​(String limit)
      • setTags

        public void setTags​(String tags)
      • setSkippedTags

        public void setSkippedTags​(String skippedTags)
      • setStartAtTask

        public void setStartAtTask​(String startAtTask)
      • setExtraVars

        public void setExtraVars​(Map extraVars)
      • setExtras

        public void setExtras​(String extras)
      • setColorized

        public void setColorized​(boolean colorized)
      • setForks

        public void setForks​(int forks)
      • setDisableHostKeyChecking

        public void setDisableHostKeyChecking​(boolean disableHostKeyChecking)
      • setHostKeyChecking

        public void setHostKeyChecking​(boolean hostKeyChecking)
      • getInstallation

        public String getInstallation()
      • getPlaybook

        public String getPlaybook()
      • getInventory

        public String getInventory()
      • getInventoryContent

        public String getInventoryContent()
      • isDynamicInventory

        public boolean isDynamicInventory()
      • getCredentialsId

        public String getCredentialsId()
      • getVaultCredentialsId

        public String getVaultCredentialsId()
      • getVaultTmpPath

        public String getVaultTmpPath()
      • isBecome

        public boolean isBecome()
      • getBecomeUser

        public String getBecomeUser()
      • isCheckMode

        public boolean isCheckMode()
      • isSudo

        public boolean isSudo()
      • getSudoUser

        public String getSudoUser()
      • getLimit

        public String getLimit()
      • getTags

        public String getTags()
      • getSkippedTags

        public String getSkippedTags()
      • getStartAtTask

        public String getStartAtTask()
      • getExtras

        public String getExtras()
      • isDisableHostKeyChecking

        public boolean isDisableHostKeyChecking()
      • isHostKeyChecking

        public boolean isHostKeyChecking()
      • getForks

        public int getForks()
      • isColorized

        public boolean isColorized()