Class TokenUuidAndPlainValue

  • @Restricted(org.kohsuke.accmod.restrictions.Beta.class)
    public class TokenUuidAndPlainValue
    extends Object
    Contains information about the token and the secret value. It should not be stored as is, but just displayed once to the user and then forget about it.
    This was added in 2.260 but marked NoExternalUse, opened as Beta in 2.265
    • Field Detail

      • tokenUuid

        public final String tokenUuid
        The token identifier to allow manipulation of the token
      • plainValue

        public final String plainValue
        Confidential information, must not be stored.

        It's meant to be send only one to the user and then only store the hash of this value.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TokenUuidAndPlainValue

        public TokenUuidAndPlainValue​(String tokenUuid,
                                      String plainValue)