Class Roles

  • public class Roles
    extends Object
    Predefined Roles in Jenkins.

    In Jenkins, there is really only one interesting role, which is the Jenkins master. Agents, CLI, and Maven processes are all going to load classes from the master, which means it accepts anything that the master asks for, and thus they need not have any role.

    1.587 / 1.580.1
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Field Detail

      • MASTER

        public static final org.jenkinsci.remoting.Role MASTER
        Indicates that a callable runs on masters, requested by agents/CLI/maven/whatever.
      • SLAVE

        public static final org.jenkinsci.remoting.Role SLAVE
        Indicates that a callable is meant to run on agents. This isn't used to reject callables to run on the agent, but rather to allow the master to promptly reject callables that are really not meant to be run on the master (as opposed to ones that do not have that information, which gets Role.UNKNOWN)