Class HexStringConfidentialKey

  • public class HexStringConfidentialKey
    extends ConfidentialKey
    ConfidentialKey that is the random hexadecimal string of length N.

    This is typically used as a unique ID, as a hex dump is suitable for printing, copy-pasting, as well as use as an identifier.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Constructor Detail

      • HexStringConfidentialKey

        public HexStringConfidentialKey​(String id,
                                        int length)
        length - Length of the hexadecimal string.
      • HexStringConfidentialKey

        public HexStringConfidentialKey​(Class owner,
                                        String shortName,
                                        int length)
    • Method Detail

      • get

        public String get()
        Returns the persisted hex string value. If the value isn't persisted, a new random value is created.
        Error - If the secret fails to load. Not throwing a checked exception is for the convenience of the caller.