Class FIPS140

  • public class FIPS140
    extends Object
    Utilities to help code change behaviour when it is desired to run in a FIPS-140 enabled environment. The environment (host, JVM and servlet container), must be suitably configured which is outside the scope of the Jenkins project.
    See Also:
    FIPS-140-2, JEP-237
    • Constructor Detail

      • FIPS140

        public FIPS140()
    • Method Detail

      • useCompliantAlgorithms

        public static boolean useCompliantAlgorithms()
        Provide a hint that the system should strive to be compliant with FIPS-140-2. This can be used by code that needs to make choices at runtime whether to disable some optional behaviour that is not compliant with FIPS-140, or to switch to a compliant (yet less secure) alternative. If this returns true it does not mean that the instance is compliant, it merely acts as a hint.
        true iff the system should prefer compliance with FIPS-140-2 over compatibility with existing data or alternative non approved algorithms.