Package jenkins.model

Class ArtifactManager

    • Constructor Detail

      • ArtifactManager

        public ArtifactManager()
    • Method Detail

      • onLoad

        public abstract void onLoad​(@NonNull
                                    Run<?,​?> build)
        Called when this manager is loaded from disk. The selected manager will be persisted inside a build, so the build reference should be transient (quasi-final) and restored here.
        build - a historical build with which this manager was associated
      • archive

        public abstract void archive​(FilePath workspace,
                                     Launcher launcher,
                                     BuildListener listener,
                                     Map<String,​String> artifacts)
                              throws IOException,
        Archive all configured artifacts from a build.

        If called multiple times for the same build, do not delete the old artifacts but keep them all, unless overwritten. For example, the XVNC plugin could use this to save screenshot.jpg if so configured.

        This method is typically invoked on a running build, though e.g. in the case of Maven module builds, the build may actually be Run.State.COMPLETED when this is called (since it is the parent build which is still running and performing archiving).

        workspace - the root directory from which to copy files (typically AbstractBuild.getWorkspace() but not necessarily)
        launcher - a launcher to use if external processes need to be forked
        listener - a way to print messages about progress or problems
        artifacts - map from paths in the archive area to paths relative to workspace (all paths /-separated)
        IOException - if transfer or copying failed in any way
        InterruptedException - if transfer was interrupted
        See Also:
        SimpleBuildStep.perform(Run, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener)
      • delete

        public abstract boolean delete()
                                throws IOException,
        Delete all artifacts associated with an earlier build (if any).
        true if there was actually anything to delete
        IOException - if deletion could not be completed
        InterruptedException - if deletion was interrupted
      • root

        public abstract VirtualFile root()
        Returns a representation of the root directory of archived artifacts.
        the archive root