Class AdministrativeMonitorsDecorator

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      • AdministrativeMonitorsDecorator

        public AdministrativeMonitorsDecorator()
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      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
        Description copied from class: Descriptor
        Human readable name of this kind of configurable object. Should be overridden for most descriptors, if the display name is visible somehow. As a fallback it uses Class.getSimpleName() on Descriptor.clazz, so for example MyThing from some.pkg.MyThing.DescriptorImpl. Historically some implementations returned null as a way of hiding the descriptor from the UI, but this is generally managed by an explicit method such as isEnabled or isApplicable.
        getDisplayName in class Descriptor<PageDecorator>
      • getMonitorsToDisplay

        public Collection<AdministrativeMonitor> getMonitorsToDisplay()
        Compute the administrative monitors that are active and should be shown. This is done only when the instance is currently running and the user has the permission to read them.
        the list of active monitors if we should display them, otherwise null.