Package hudson.util

Class BootFailure

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AWTProblem, HudsonFailedToLoad, IncompatibleAntVersionDetected, IncompatibleServletVersionDetected, IncompatibleVMDetected, InsufficientPermissionDetected, InvalidBuildsDir, JenkinsReloadFailed, NoHomeDir, NoTempDir

public abstract class BootFailure extends ErrorObject
Indicates a fatal boot problem, among ErrorObject
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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  • Constructor Details

    • BootFailure

      protected BootFailure()
    • BootFailure

      protected BootFailure(Throwable cause)
  • Method Details

    • publish

      public void publish(javax.servlet.ServletContext context, @CheckForNull File home)
      Exposes this failure to UI and invoke the hook.
      home - JENKINS_HOME if it's already known.
    • loadAttempts

      protected List<Date> loadAttempts(File home)
      Parses the boot attempt file carefully so as not to cause the entire hook script to fail to execute.
    • getBootFailureFile

      public static File getBootFailureFile(File home)
      This file captures failed boot attempts. Every time we try to boot, we add the timestamp to this file, then when we boot, the file gets deleted.