Package hudson.model

Class AbstractBuild.DependencyChange

Enclosing class:
AbstractBuild<P extends AbstractProject<P,R>,R extends AbstractBuild<P,R>>

public static final class AbstractBuild.DependencyChange extends Object
Represents a change in the dependency.
  • Field Details

    • project

      public final AbstractProject project
      The dependency project.
    • fromId

      public final int fromId
      Version of the dependency project used in the previous build.
    • from

      public final AbstractBuild from
      Build object for fromId. Can be null if the log is gone.
    • toId

      public final int toId
      Version of the dependency project used in this build.
    • to

      public final AbstractBuild to
  • Constructor Details

    • DependencyChange

      public DependencyChange(AbstractProject<?,?> project, int fromId, int toId)
  • Method Details

    • getBuilds

      public List<AbstractBuild> getBuilds()
      Gets the AbstractBuild objects (fromId,toId].

      This method returns all such available builds in the ascending order of IDs, but due to log rotations, some builds may be already unavailable.