Class LocaleDrivenResourceProvider


public abstract class LocaleDrivenResourceProvider extends Object
Service provider interface allowing to hook into webapp resource lookup. This cannot be made a property of WebApp as other behavior customizations, as webapp resource lookup is done before we have StaplerRequest/StaplerResponse.
  • Constructor Details

    • LocaleDrivenResourceProvider

      public LocaleDrivenResourceProvider()
  • Method Details

    • lookup

      @CheckForNull public abstract URL lookup(@NonNull String path)
      Returns the URL corresponding to the specified resource path. The path can take two forms:
      • A full URL represented as string. In Jenkins this is typically plugin webapp resources.
      • A path with leading slash. These are actual webapp resources, with that being the implicit base directory.
      path - the path to the resource
      the URL to the file, if it is to be overridden, null otherwise.