Class TextFinderPublisher

All Implemented Interfaces:
CapybaraPortingLayer, Control.Owner, PageArea, PostBuildStep, Step

public class TextFinderPublisher extends AbstractStep implements PostBuildStep
This class provides the ability to add a Jenkins Text Finder post build step to the job.

It provides access to the particular web elements to configure the post build step.

This post build step requires installation of the text-finder plugin.

Martin Ende
  • Field Details

    • filePath

      public final org.openqa.selenium.WebElement filePath
    • regEx

      public final org.openqa.selenium.WebElement regEx
    • succeedIfFound

      public final org.openqa.selenium.WebElement succeedIfFound
    • unstableIfFound

      public final org.openqa.selenium.WebElement unstableIfFound
  • Constructor Details

    • TextFinderPublisher

      public TextFinderPublisher(Job parent, String path)