All Implemented Interfaces:
CapybaraPortingLayer, Control.Owner, PageArea

public class StageView extends PageAreaImpl
Basic container for the stageview implementation. The stageview is the graphical representation of the pipeline builds. In the current abstraction the stagview contains headlines and jobs to build the matrix of the build history. The stageview is located on the jobs page right above the navigation links.
Boris Dippolter
  • Field Details

    • rootElementName

      public String rootElementName
      root Element
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • buildStructure

      public void buildStructure()
      To generate and build up the whole stageview structure.
    • getAllStageViewJobs

      public List<StageViewBuild> getAllStageViewJobs()
      Returns all builds
      All stageview Jobs
    • getFirstBuild

      public StageViewBuild getFirstBuild()
      Returns first build
      All stageview Jobs
    • getLatestBuild

      public StageViewBuild getLatestBuild()
      Returns the latest build
      stageview Job
    • getStageViewHeadlines

      public List<StageViewHeadline> getStageViewHeadlines()
      Returns all headlines which are specified in the pipeline
      list of all headlines
    • getRootElementName

      public org.openqa.selenium.WebElement getRootElementName()
      Returns the root eelement
      the root element